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Junior Architect

Born into a farming family in the North of France, Virginie studied at the Tournai School of Architecture.

True to the values she holds dear to her heart, her final year thesis Matters for reflection - From the flood to the floodable, an architecture committed to the territory was intended to be an experiment, a vision of climate change mitigation as part of a territorial hydromorphological strategy, a biospheric urbanism. If cities of the past settled in areas abundant in ground water resources, they will be first to face the climatic problems affecting water, such as the drought in Safi (Morocco) and floods in Tournai, two of the study sites chosen. Reconciling the notion of heritage with the problems of water can be freer, more inventive key to sustainable living. In a new urban symbolism, water is lived and interpreted through its form, staging, and meaning.

Virginie graduated with honours, joining ArtBuild’s Brussels office in August 2019.