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Architect - Chief Executive Officer

I was born in 1967 in the middle of the countryside, raised in a house built by my parents, a dwelling conceived according to the precepts of Le Corbusier’s Modulor.

My early years developed my sensitivity to space, light and architecture. The son of a sculptor, this was an environment of materials and tools with all their noises and smells. We rubbed shoulders with painters, engravers, designers, and filmmakers, and my artistic sensitivity was duly forged.

Having graduated as an architect in Brussels in 1991, I learned the ropes alongside architect Patrice Neirinck first, then architect Pierre Lallemand who co-founded ArtBuild in 1989. Fascinated by the notion of collective intelligence and communication strategy, I soon became interested in business management, graduated of the Solvay Brussels School of Management and Economics in 2002.

I have been a partner with ArtBuild since 2008, and its managing director since 2016.

I have been married to Catherine since 1995 and we have two children. Writing provides an essential complement to my personal and professional balance.