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ArtBuild is a European architecture studio with offices in Brussels, Paris and Luxembourg. Active in all fields of the building industry, we put collective intelligence and innovation at the heart of what we do.

We believe in the impact architecture can have on our collective response to the challenges of our time. A better future can be designed. With our 35 years of experience, the studio attracts the best and the brightest partners as we re-purpose, re-imagine and re-think the possible.

ArtBuild’s community approaches each project - from the small to the highly complex - with a bespoke ambition, taking a holistic view towards redefining usages, context, social and ecological footprints.

Our corporate identity is articulated through three primary activities: Lab, Work, Talk.

Lab embodies our commitment to re-invent and innovate, generating new viewpoints on design practice and sharing views and ideas that identify, address and potentially overcome barriers to good and responsible practice.

Work is the expression of our expertise and technical craftsmanship, showcasing our projects and submissions, both achieved or ongoing.

Talk takes us beyond our practice, sharing our commitment and knowledge through conferences, interviews and articles, in the belief that transmission and collaboration is the key to progress.

Steven WARE

Architect - Senior Partner - Member of the Executive Committee


Architect - Senior Partner - Member of the Executive Committee


Architect - Chief Executive Officer

Christian JADOT

Architect - Senior Partner - Member of the Executive Committee