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Patrick ISRAEL

Architect - Project Leader

Trained in Brussels and steeped in cultural diversity, Patrick developed a boundless curiosity which led him inevitably to the field of architecture.

With ArtBuild now for over 20 years, he began his training with seasoned professionals who provided him with the tools necessary to practice the profession. Patrick considers the transmission of this experience to the younger generation of architects joining ArtBuild to be primary responsibility.

The architect must accept that their character is formed over time and enriched with passion. Patrick’s passion for music provides insight into meticulous methodology, integration of rhythm, harmony with other musicians and the creation of a work that touches everyone. Just as the musician reveals sound, the architect's role is to reveal light.

This goal takes on its full meaning in his second passion, photography, an art which sharpens the senses to reveal the detail in our surroundings, constantly switching from macro to wide angle and making light palpable. Photography casts a specific regard to the world around us and presents it in a new light.

This architectural approach guides Patrick on a daily basis whatever the programs or the challenges, providing bespoke, original solutions.