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Delphine LADURE

Architect - Project Leader

I initially joined ArtBuild’s Toulouse team in 2009 to work on hospital projects and particularly retrofits and extensions to existing health hubs in full operation.

Five years on saw me thirsty for change and seeking out new challenges, and when our practice won the competition for the Nantes Teaching Hospital, I was offered the task of designing three of the buildings on this magnificent new campus including critical care services, laboratory facilities, emergency rooms and a morgue, covering some 40,000m² of GFA.

The considerable responsibilities that came with the new project marked a pivotal moment in my private and professional life and involved a move to Paris, requiring four years of design work before we went out to tender.

I’m currently leading new projects which employ mass timber construction and deploy environmental strategies from bioinspiration to biomimicry and bio-sourced materials, and the future looks both fertile and rewarding.