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Carré 92 — Gennevilliers, France

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Carré 92

Total area20 Ha

In praise of water

Once home the largest gasworks in Western Europe, this former industrial site in the northern suburbs of Paris faced major constraints when reconversion was considered.

Located in a loop of the Seine, the site is vulnerable to rising water levels, whether annual or centennial. Coupled with the risk of hidden pockets of residual pollution, all stakeholders were aware of the potential threat of water.

The inclusion of water as a structuring element of the master plan made it possible to propose a development strategy for the entire business park. Using surface water as a landscape element, a series of moats frames each plot. This was an alternative to the conventional security arrangements that usually result in high, cheap fences that are as unsightly as they are environmentally unfriendly. The use of water features even led to a more intelligent parking strategy, to biodiversity increase, and to better air quality.

Carré 92 has subsequently become home to several large firms including Thales Communications, Group Up, as well as two hotels, a fitness centre, a kindergarten and a corporate restaurant. The park plays a key role as a "green corridor" linking Gennevilliers city centre to the Seine.

Pictures: copyright Serge Brison / Quickit

Siège du Groupe Chèque Déjeuner

Total area30.000 sqm