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Covent Garden — Brussels, Belgium

Think Big


89.500 m²

Covent Garden

Delivery2008 - 2013
Total area89.500 sqm

Urban Seam

The Covent Garden building is located at the meeting point of two sharply contrasting urban areas : the first, featuring broad boulevards typical of Brussels, and the second, the Gare du Nord district characterized by its tall glass-and-steel constructions.

Connecting the two areas, the new office complex is split into two blocks of different heights linked by a large atrium garden with a glass roof.

The garden is not just a social space, plants contribute to grey and black water processing through a biological filtering system. Covent Garden is the first building in Europe to have fully integrated natural purification and recycling systems, making it 95% self-sufficient in terms of water supply.

Connecting Place Rogier to Gare du Nord, the complex is « stitched together » and forms a coherent whole that functions on a range of different scales from city to neighbourhood to pedestrian.

In collaboration with Montois Partners.
Pictures: copyright Serge Brison.