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Laboratory of Biology & Biopathology - CHRU Nancy — Nancy, France

Think Healthy


8.790 m²

Laboratory of Biology & Biopathology - CHRU Nancy

Total area8.790 sqm
ClientCentre Hospitalier Régional de Nancy

Finely tuned metabolism

The city of Nancy’s heath hub now includes a laboratory building which embodies the multi-layered technological and functional sophistication of state-of-the-art biological analysis. Inspired by the iconic metabolic pathways chart, the automated technical platform becomes a central pathway for sample analysis, closely surrounded by secondary pathways including haematology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Bioinspiration is also present in the building’s skin which features perforations of various densities mimicking cellular structures as seen through the histologist’s microscope. The variable porosity of the metallic panels thus provides a perfect, passive protection to the buildings glazed passageways and other sensitive zones.

Pictures: copyright Georges de Kinder