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Gasperich Eco-neighborhood — Route d'Esch, Luxembourg

Think Again


15.000 m²

Ecoquartier Gasperich

Total area15.000 sqm

The project is located on the outer suburb section of the route d’Esch in the Gasperich district, opposite the future district of the Parc de Cessange land (Luxembourg).

This is configured as semi-open block, with an inner core laid out as a green space. This block makes the urban space more coherent through a sensitive treatment of the status of public spaces. The project consists of 7 apartment buildings forming a mixed building ensemble, consisting of multiple dwellings and intermediate multiple dwellings, Class AA (CPE 2017). The planning and architectural aspects accentuate the hierarchical exchanges between public space and collective space, through a controlled porosity of the site, via transverse halls, porches and caesurae. In order to avoid the “grand ensemble” effect, the buildings stand out individually through a differentiated typology. The “multiple” dwellings are located in a ring, while the “intermediate” dwellings are located at the core of the blocks. These are deliberately fragmented in their alignment, and their positioning is freer and their structure on a more domestic scale. This differentiation confers an attractive diversity upon the project.

In collaboration with Beler + François Architectes.
Pictures: copyright Orbrs.