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Groupe Chèque Déjeuner Headquarters — Gennevilliers, France

Think Again


30.000 m²

Siège du Groupe Chèque Déjeuner

Total area30.000 sqm

Co-creating Work

Uniquely positioned as one of France’s largest cooperatives, Groupe Cheque Déjeuner (today rebranded as Group UP) commissioned ArtBuild to design their new headquarters in the Parisian suburb of Gennevilliers. Their culture called for new ways or working, sharing, and creating together, albeit with an underlying security imperative which would normally see their premises surrounded by huge swathes of barbed wire fencing.

ArtBuild’s response was to use water as a major design component, surrounding the building to create a security ‘moat’ including a drawbridge which raises at night. The moat harbours biodiversity, provides stunning views for workers and visitors, reduces cooling loads, and even increases acoustic comfort through the playful use of waterfalls and fountains.

Pictures: copyright Serge Brison