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The Roots - Belval 41 — Esch-Belval, Luxembourg

Think Again

Working, Living, Shopping

19.600 sqm

The Roots - Belval 41

Total area19.600 sqm (10.600 Housing / 7.000 Office / 2.000 Retail)
Parking places260
Technical partnerGREISCH
PerformanceBREEAM / BBCA / WELL

The Roots is part of the ambitious project for the conversion of the Belval industrial site in Esch-sur-Alzette, in the south-west of Luxembourg, a new town that is rooted in the past in order to better build the future.

In the image of the urban planning vision developed there, the distinct entities of The Roots project form a homogeneous and coherent whole. A block that draws its purpose from the historical charge of the neighbourhood in transformation, and from the hierarchical relationships it weaves between private and public spaces. The active base and the loggias in the gables of the buildings interact with the neighbourhood, feeding the dynamism of the contemporary city.

If the choice to build in wood is a resolute affirmation of the values of resource management and low carbon footprint construction, it is also a statement of the need to create a healthy and soothing place to live. A choice that contrasts with the industrial activity that has taken place on the site for almost a century, an integration by contrast.

The strong elements of the project, the "plinth", the "active slab", and the "gables-loggias", create the conditions for an interactivity between the neighbourhood and the Roots block, a progressive and harmonious transition between public space, collective space and private space with the aim of creating the conditions for a benevolent social mix within the Belval neighbourhood.

Pictures: copyright Orbrs.