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Silva — Bordeaux, France

Think Again

Working, Living

20.000 m²


Total area21.000 sqm

Green Urban Puzzle

Following an appeal to the world by the city of Bordeaux to create a new benchmark in tall timber construction, the residential tower baptised Silva responds in full to the challenge with over 80% of the design composed of timber elements.

This flagship project features locally sourced cross laminated timber floors and facades while the design incorporates the latest timber structural innovations as well as added comfort and security for the residents. Glazed facades proudly reveal and yet protect these wooden elements, announcing the project intentions to the city and beyond. With multiple porosities to the ground floor as well as managed setbacks to enable natural light to permeate the center of the block, the buildings connect smoothly with the surrounding urban tissue.

The rich sequence of public and private spaces provides an unusual sensorial experience that is intended to enhance the neighbourhood’s attractive appeal. Plants and material finishes to the ground floor have been carefully selected from a living, interactive tableau that can be experienced in all seasons. More importantly, they offer an environment that encourages biodiversity and respect « ecosystemic services ».

In collaboration with Studio Bellecour.
Pictures: copyright Quickit